Beautiful women in different shapes and sizes..

"There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a women being unapologetic-ally herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty." - Steve Maraboli (
Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels
No matter what shape or size, you are a beautiful woman. Beauty is about having distinctive personality, laughing at anything even at themselves and when one can count on you to brighten their day. Discussing body types is not about body shaming, it just helps you find clothes that will fit better and flatter your body.

Most common body types:-
  1. Inverted Triangle- This body type has broader shoulders than bust and hips.
    Sonam Kapoor- image
  2. Straight- This body typically has waist measurements that are less than 9 inches smaller than hip or bust measurements.
    Taylor Swift- image source Wikimedia commons
  3. Pear- This body has bigger hips than bust and waist gradually slopes out to the hips.
    IIeana D'cruz- Image source Pinterest
  4. Hourglass- This body type has almost same bust and hip measurements with well defined waist.
    Blake Lively- image Wikimedia commons
  5. Spoon- The hips are larger than the bust and hips have a shelf like appearance. Waist is slightly small than bust.
    Kim Kardashian- image
  6. Top hourglass- The bust is larger than hips and waist is well defined.
    Image source-
  7. Oval- Waist is larger than the bust and hips. The hips are narrow compared to the shoulder with heavy breasts. 
    Queen Latifah in Tadashi Shoji
  8. Diamond- The waist is larger than bust and hips. The shoulders are narrow compared to the hips with small or medium size breasts.
    Kate Winslet- image source

These are basic body types but our body has certain areas to be taken care off. It can help in boasting confidence and looking great.
  • Short/Petite
Goal- Elongating your legs and creating vertical lines from head to toe.
Look for- Monochromatic outfits, fluid fabrics, empire waistline outfits and vertical lines. The hemline should be above or just below knees.
Avoid- Stiff fabrics, horizontal lines, large prints, pleated trousers and skirts of mid calf lengths, anything baggy or voluminous. 
  • Full bust
Goal- Showing your curves without overemphasizing them and elongating your neck, torso.
Look for- Simple tops, open necklines, V-necks and anything that adds vertical lines above waist.
Avoid- Wide belts, large lapeled collars, puffy sleeves, stiff fabrics and baggy tops.
  • Small bust
Goal- Showcasing the curves you have got.
Look for- Belts at waist, fitted tops, slim cut sleeveless outfits, tops with detailing at and around bust area.
Avoid- Wrap dresses and tops, too loose or too structured tops, stiff fabrics and very low cut tops.
  •    Narrow shoulders
Goal- Creating balance between your shoulders and hips by squaring them out.
Look for- Shoulder details, tops with horizontal lines and patterns. Boat neck tops/dresses and wide V-necks.
Avoid- Raglan sleeves, body hugging t-shirts.
  • Broad shoulders
Goal- Softening your shoulders.
Look for- Soft feminine tops, round necks, U-necks, scoop necks, narrow collars and lapls. The simple the better.
Avoid- Shoulder pads, horizontal lines at shoulder, boat necks, sleeveless or cap sleeve tops.
  • Tummy
Goal- Moving attention from middle to face or legs.
Look for- Long tops, empire waistlines in tops and dresses, A-line shift dresses.
Avoid- Belted tops and dresses, belts in bright colors, detailing at waist on skirts or pants and wide waistbands. 
  • Heavy arms
Goal-  Slimming and elongating your arms and torso.
Look for- Long sleeves tops or sleeves that end just below elbow. Raglan, dolman and kimono sleeves looks best and V-necks.
Avoid- Tight sleeves, stiff fabrics and puffy sleeves.
  • Short waist/Long legs
Goal- Creating balance between waist and legs.
Look for- Low waist/Drop waist styles in pants and skirts. V-neck tops to elongate upper body, hemline should hit just above knee. Wear skinny bottoms with untucked tops and belts should blend-in with outfit.
Avoid- Wide waistbands, stiff fabrics, details at waistline, cropped pants and high waisted styles. 
  • Long waist/Short legs
Goal- To make legs look longer.
Look for- Empire waists, semi-fitted sheathes and A-line dresses. Details on top area like shoulders and on top direct eyes upward, hemline should be right on or above knee. Pants/Skirts waistband that sits slightly above natural waistline. If going for longer hems, wear heels.
Avoid- Anything that accentuates your natural waist, cropped, baggy, full pleated drop waist styles.
  • Flat bottom/Large bottom
Goal- To make bottom look better and balanced with upper body.
Look for- Choose fitted pants/skirts for flat bottom and loose with pleats for large bottom. Pockets, back yokes, stretch material help play up curves and slight flare, thin waistband, side pockets help to play down curves.
Avoid- Overly baggy shapes for flat bottom and avoid super-wide, tapered, high-waisted or low slung styles for large bottom.


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