One day i was reading QUOTES online and i came across a Campaign by French customs..

So i thought to do some research and share it with you. A lot of people think buying fakes is harmless. Not a big deal, right??

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You go and buy something that no one can tell apart from the original, at fraction of price as compared to pricey Designer Tag. And those designer brands are not going to feel the pinch, right?
If you are someone who knowingly bought a knock-off Vuitton or Gucci or Prada, this post is for you. When you buy a fake product, you really don't care Where and How it is made.. You act indifferent, when you spot a good bargain. What if you are told that by purchasing such products you are supporting criminals, terrorists and human traffickers?? Or That your money is helping in keeping children and women to work for long hours at minimum wages in poor working conditions. The money you pay goes into pockets of crime syndicates who also deal in narcotics, weapons, child prostitution, human trafficking and terrorism. 
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Ebay have been fined by French Court for allowing vendors to sell fake branded goods on their website, it payed huge price. 
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It's really hard to believe that so simple act as snatching up good bargain could have such devastating repercussions. Still Tempted?? There is more to it.. This high profit margin business is making people sell their children, they are forced to work long hours in terrible conditions to make Faux-luxury-branded handbags, wallets and belts to cellphones.. The counterfeit buck doesn't stop at luxury goods. They make fake drugs, or counterfeit Airplane and Auto-parts which endanger million lives. 

It's time to stop blaming and act responsibly. Stop acting like a child who needs a constant stream of cheap, shiny, pretty things to stay happy.
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How to spot fake:-

# Always buy from an official showroom, not from department stores etc.

# Avoid buying online as much possible, unless you are sure about the reputation of the site.

# Be suspicious when offered huge discount on branded goods.

# Every brand has signature mark such as date code, serial number or stamp. Always look for it.

# Check for obvious giveaways like LOGOS, incorrect spelling, shabby stitching, clumsy zipper tape, poor inner lining etc.

Thank you!!


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